What is a webinar and how is it done? During a KTC webinar, the trainer teaches the course live via the Internet. Because the information is delivered online, students can literally be spread out all over the country—or even all over the world. And because the courses are live, the experience is very much interactive.

Students have the ability to ask questions the moment they have them—and they are encouraged to do so! And with the use of web cameras, the students can see the teacher in real time. (Students with a webcam can choose whether or not they want the teacher to see them). Courses can be "open" (held by KTC for anyone on the Internet who wishes to take the class), or "private" (held for client employees only).

Please note that private courses are customized to fit the specific needs of the client. Whether open or private, all class sizes are limited based on subject matter. Printable certificates for successful course completion are provided within 24 hours and all course materials are provided.

Finally, as with all of KTC's courses, our webinars are designed to meet or exceed regulatory standards. To find out more about KTC webinars, please contact us.

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DOT HAZMAT Employee Awareness

The DOT HAZMAT training course is four hours in length and complies with 49 CFR 172.704 (a) (1 & 2) for hazardous materials employees. A hazardous materials employee affects the shipment of hazardous materials by choosing the package, packaging, marking, labeling, completing shipping papers (manifesting), transporting and/or receiving the hazardous material. DOT requires this training to be received within 90 days of assignment and every three years thereafter. 
Cost per student: $199.00
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IATA Dangerous Goods Shipper

The Dangerous Goods Shipper program is four hours in length and designed to comply with the elements required by IATA in section 1.52.2 of the Dangerous Goods Regulations. This course is for any employee who may select the package, pack, mark, label or complete a dangerous goods declaration for a shipment that includes dangerous goods (including dry ice). IATA requires this training for any employee who affects the shipment of dangerous goods before starting a job assignment involving dangerous goods and every two years thereafter.
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Blood Borne Pathogens Awareness

The Blood Borne Pathogens Awareness course is one hour in length and is designed to meet the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.1030 (g)(2). Any employee who is expected to come into contact with human body fluids is required to be trained at the start of their employment and annually thereafter. This course will cover the elements of Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan, the use of the universal precautions (including glove removal), the hazards presented by human blood and proper storage of related wastes.
Cost per student: $19.99 ... [ more ]

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