$108,000 in Penalities for Hazardous and Universal Waste Storage Violations

BOSTON – A recent settlement between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a battery manufacturing company in E. Greenwich, Rhode Island means the facility is now handling and storing hazardous wastes in accordance with federal and state law outlining the safe handling requirements for hazardous waste. The company also agreed to pay a settlement penalty of $108,810.

In the consent agreement and final order, EPA alleged that EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, a privately-held Delaware company with a manufacturing facility in E. Greenwich, violated the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and federally-enforceable Rhode Island hazardous waste regulations. Based on a state inspection of the facility, EPA alleged that EaglePicher accumulated hazardous waste in a storage tank for greater than 90 days, failed to segregate containers of incompatible wastes, failed to properly label containers, and failed to label and track accumulation times for universal wastes. EaglePicher certified that the facility has corrected its RCRA violations and has established new RCRA compliance procedures.

Safe storage and handling of hazardous wastes is necessary to protect local communities and workers from potentially dangerous exposure to harmful substances. As part of the settlement, EaglePicher has confirmed that the facility is in compliance with state and federal hazardous waste management laws. The company was cooperative during the case settlement negotiations.

[View the News Release on the EPA website]

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