New York City Enacts New Training Regulations for Construction and Demolition Projects

The New York City Council is implementing new construction safety training requirements in a new local law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York and the New York City building code. According to Int. No. 1447-C, all construction and/or demolition permit holders will have to make sure that anyone who is working under their permit will have completed either a 10-, 30- or 100-hour OSHA training course and that they hold their required training throughout the duration of the permit. If the worker is completing a 10- or 30-hour OSHA training course, they will also need to earn additional specified Site Safety Training (SST) credits.

Upon successful completion of their required training, workers will receive a Site Safety Training Card, or SST Card. There are varying levels of SST cards, including Temporary, Limited and Supervisor. Permit holders will have to keep daily site logs that include copies of relevant SST cards and proof that the permit holder is in compliance with the NYC building code. In the event that a permit holder is not in compliance, there are civil penalties starting at $500 and going up to $25,000 plus $1,000 a day for each day that the permit holder remains out of compliance.

A Site Safety Training (SST) task force shall also be formed. Among the duties of the SST task force will be providing a mechanism for receiving and reviewing recommendations from the public related to the new training requirements, as well as providing recommendations to the commissioner regarding safety training requirements.

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[Read the new law] Note: Item 15 is the approved version of the new law.

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