OSHA's Fireworks Safety Page

Pyrotechnics include many devices to launch, detonate, or initiate an explosive material. This site discusses common hazards and controls for workers involved in the outdoor display of fireworks.
OSHA Guidance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has compiled the following list of safety guidelines designed to advise display fireworks operators and other affected employers of some procedures that may be followed to help ensure that display fireworks are used safely. It is important to understand that due to their sensitivity, display fireworks can present hazards when improperly handled or used. During the peak season encompassing the 2003 Independence Day holiday, ten fatalities occurred nation-wide involving personnel setting up and conducting fireworks displays. Employers are encouraged to follow these or other more protective safety guidelines when using display fireworks. The following safety guidelines do not supersede any regulatory requirements adopted at the Federal, State, or local levels.

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