RCRA Generator Improvement Rule Takes Effect in NJ, PA, AK and IA

As of May 31, 2017 the updated generator standard takes effect in jursidictions that don't have authorized RCRA enforcement programs. These jursidictions include Iowa, Alaska and Indian reservations. New Jersey and Pennsylvaina both have authorized RCRA enforcement programs, but, due to how they both incorporate federal updates into their programs the rule has taken effect in those states as well. All of the other states, and Washington D.C. have until June 1, 2019 to adopt the more stringent requirements.

Authorized plan states (and Washington D.C.) may or may not adopt some of the reliefs, like episodic generation, allowed by the Generarator Improvement Rule when they update thier standards to meet the more stringent requirements.

Generators should keep a close on their state's RCRA website (and the Katt Training & Consulting website) to determine when thier state adopts the new requirements and which of the reliefs are institued in thier states. In the meantime, unless you're in New Jersey, Pennsylvaina, Alaska, Iowa or an Inidian reservation keep following the same rules you've been following.

Katt Training & Consulting can provide you with training course on the old and new rule. Please contact us for more information.

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