Warnings Issued Regarding Counterfeit 3M N95 Filtering Facepieces

ince the Fall 2020, healthcare workers have been reporting to HPAE concerns over highly suspicious ill-fitting, misshapen, sometimes torn and, often, odd-smelling "3M" masks they are being given by their employers while providing care for patients during a pandemic outbreak. Workers have reported to their employers that it is difficult to get proper seal with these masks to ensure they are fully protected. As it turns out, the nation is inundated with fake respirator masks. Here is a guide on how to tell whether the masks you've been provided is potentially counterfeit.

[HAPE's Fake Mask Guidence Document with pictures of counterfeit masks]

[3M's Counterfeit Mask Website]

[3M Counterfeit Alert about surgical respirator models 1860, 1860S and 1870+]

[3M Counterfeit Alert about Filtering Facepiece model 8210]

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